Level I Refrigeration Operator

Course: Level I Ammonia Refrigeration Operator

Duration: 32 Hourspics_refrig1

Description: Level I Ammonia Refrigeration Operator Training is designed for all personnel who manipulate the ammonia refrigeration system. After completing this course, you should have a basic understanding of ammonia refrigeration principles (classroom) and demonstrate proficiency and competency with the operating procedures for your facility (hands-on). You will be awarded a certificate of completion after satisfactorily passing the examination given at the end of class. Refresher training should be conducted every three years or more often as necessary depending on the complexity and operation of the ammonia system.



  • Theory of refrigeration including refrigeration cycles
  • Fundamentals related to the design and operation of a refrigeration system
  • Main components that make-up a refrigeration system
  • Condensers and the effect weather has on the operation
  • Compressors and the variations in operation
  • Piping and controls
  • Engine room safety covering proper ventilation and relief valves
  • Purgers and purging of non-condensable from the system
  • Properties of ammonia; how to properly handle it; and the use of personal protective equipment
  • Methods of defrosting
  • Troubleshooting your system
  • Water treatment, including different types of fouling that can cause problems

Who should attend: Refrigeration operators and technicians, refrigeration and maintenance managers, safety, production, maintenance, security and other personnel wanting to gain a better understanding of ammonia refrigeration.

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