Boiler Operator

Course: 8-Hour Boiler Operator Training

Duration: 8 Hours

Description: This course is designed to assist the boiler operator in understanding the basics of boiler operation. This will improve the safety of your operations and reduce overall operating costs.

Scope: This course covers:

  • Function of boiler controls
  • Safety valves
  • Water columns
  • Feed water system
  • Steam stop valve
  • Pressure gauges
  • Boiler draft
  • Boiler safety
  • Low water cut-off
  • Emergency shut down procedures
  • Daily boiler operations
  • Blow down procedure
  • Priming and carry over
  • Water treatment
  • Types of boilers
  • Basic boiler standards and regulations

Who should attend:

Working boiler operators, plant managers, plant engineers, maintenance supervisors, security people who are responsible for boilers and people who wish to become boiler operators.

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