Course: RETA CIRO Prep

Duration: 24 Hours

Prerequisite: Refrigeration Operator training class or 2 years experience in industrial refrigeration.


This review course is taught by a RETA Authorized Instructor and is specifically designed as a review of materials that might be included in the RETA certification exam(s). This course is NOT intended to walk the attendee through the exam(s). This class is a review of the RETA technical course books; Industrial Refrigeration I, II, III, IV and Basic Electricity II. Note: Please bring these books, as they will be needed for review.


The following is an outline of information that will be covered:

  • Refrigeration Fundamentals Review
    • Basic Refrigeration Terms and Principles
    • Heat Flow in Refrigeration Systems
    • The Basic Refrigeration Cycle
    • Properties of Refrigerants
    • Compressors
    • Lubrication
    • Evaporators/ Cooling Units
    • Condensers
    • Receivers
    • Purging
  • Refrigeration System Operation
    • Low side valves and controls (Evaporator feed)
    • Direct Expansion System (DX)
    • Flooded Systems
    • Pumped Liquid Recirculation Systems (Liquid Overfeed)
    • Secondary Coolant Circulation System
    • Two Stage System
    • Coil Defrost
    • Measuring System Performance
  • Electrical
    • Ladder Diagrams
    • Test Instruments
  • Panel and Screen Interpretations
    • Normal conditions
    • Abnormal conditions
  • Plant Operation and Safety
    • Record Keeping/ Engine room Logs
    • PM programs/ Line Break Procedures
    • OSHA/ EPA

Who should attend: Those interested in becoming certified refrigeration operators.

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